Halo 4: Story Details and In-Game Footage Revealed!

Today 343 revealed some new info on what they plan to do with Halo 4 as well as some in-game footage in both Campaign and Multiplayer. In this video we see new weapon and vehicle models, cutscene clips, and multiplayer armour and maps and it looks great! I was worried about what 343 was going to do with Halo, but I think we can say we’re safe as far as sequels go.

There are also some new aster Chief images here.


New McFarlane Products

From Halo Waypoint

Don’t you just love new Halo merch releases? Yeah, so do I. Especially in the case of these great-looking new McFarlane products which are to be released this Fall. They’re expanding the line wit more than just figures. McFarlane is also releasing the Micro-Ops line, which features both figures and vehicles of a smaller scale, as well as some new structure pieces based on the Halo 3 map, “High Ground”. Something else I’m excited about is the Xbox LIVE Avatar line, half-inch figurines of some of the Halo outfits available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Halo 4 Series 1 Action Figure - Master Chief


Halo: Universe Series 1 Deluxe Vehicle - ODST Drop Pod


Halo: Universe Series 1 Figure - Usze Taham

Halo: Micro Ops Series 1 - High Ground Tower

Halo: Micro Ops Series 1 - High Ground Gate

Halo: Micro Ops Series 1 - High Ground Bunker

Halo: Micro Ops Series 1 - Warthog

Halo: Micro Ops Series 1 - Ghost

Halo: Micro Ops Series 1 - Falcon

Halo: Micro Ops Series 1 - Banshee

Xbox LIVE Halo Avatars Series 1