Mega Bloks Spartan Test Flight

You may have heard of some Candians launching a Lego figure 80,000 feet into the air with a camera attached. Well the HMB Community’s own Paul Knaack, also known as Collector’s Choice, has decided to conduct some similar experiments with a Mega Bloks Spartan minifigure! He plans to test with things like balloons, kites, and model rockets. Here is the first of his tests, a water rocket:


Mega Bloks Armory Promo with Hidden Diecast Set

Today MEGA Bloks posted a promo vid showing off the new armoury sets. i really likeall the armour that they’re introducing, especially the scout helmet and EOD chest. Also, if you pay attention, a diecast Warthog and figure are visible behind the Elite Honour Guard. Here’s the video:

Screenshot of the Week

Frozen in Flames… by Crazy Elite T13


Halo: Helljumper Drops Today!

It’s January the 26th, and that means the first episode of Halo fan-film series Helljumper, based on the story “Dirt” by Tobias Buckell is released today! I just watched the video and it is amazing, I’m very much looking forward to future episodes! Check it out:


NEW LEAKED Prototype Mega Bloks Sets

Mega just leaked some prototype images for supposed Fall 2012 sets, including Seraphs, Rhinos, and the long-awaited Gravity Hammer!


What Do You Think of the New Reach Matchmaking Maps?

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the new maps, mainly for infection. But that’s just me. I want to hear what you like/dislike about the new maps! Tell me in the comments!


Halo: A-Z

Check out this A-Z interview with Frank O’Connor that reveals more information about Halo 4!