Mega Bloks Battles: The Wargame

Launched today is the Mega Bloks Battles Wargame, the game that lets you use your Mega Bloks armies for something other than sitting on a shelf. The great thing about this is that the more sets that come out, the more the battle expands! I got a chance to talk to the creator, Joe England Seaton!

Halo Superfan: Question 1: What inspired you to create the war game?
Joe England Seaton: Well it was a number of things; first of which was [that] I wanted to find a more sophisticated way to use my Halo Mega Bloks for play value. The second of which is [that] I am a wargamer in hobby so I thought why not combine the two, on mentioning it on the page quite a few people took to it, so I wrote the rules.
HSF: Question 2: The rules for this game are quite detailed. Can you tell me about the process behind creating them?
Joe: Well creating the rules came from two things, I had established a base reference of phases as seen in the common wargame, but then added elements from the Halo games and mixed them, characters, stats and force organisation are always very simmilar and I think you’ll agree it matches Halo fairly well. Also, if I got a good idea for an addition it went in there.
HSF: Okay. Question 3: What do you hope to achieve with the War Game in the future?
Joe: Well in achievement what I would like is that people will play it and enjoy it you know, I’m not hoping for world fame or fortune, merely for people to take notice of it, take the time to play it and maybe have a few fantastic memories together, and hey, if MEGA takes a look at it and likes it and acknowledges it, et cetera, that would be a dream, but if it remains something people just like to do then I’m happy that I’ve created it.
HSF: And that concludes the interview… Is there anything you would like to add?
Joe: Just thank you for your time and… HAPPY GAMING!
The Wargame is really creative, you can check out the community page and rules on Facebook here.

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