The MEGA Brad Community

If you collect MEGA Bloks’ successful Halo toys, you might also be a regular visitor on the seriously popular Facebook page for the product. The page recently reached 19,000 likes, and it probably won’t be soon before it hits twenty. But it doesn’t really matter the number of people who like it… It’s really all about the people who fuel the page, the amazing fans who really contribute to the community that they created themselves.

The fans on the page have come to know eachother’s personalities pretty well, and are always in conversation. They have dedicated time and money to create massive structures, stop-motion videos, and amazing custom minifigures, and they don’t go unrecognized.

This is thanks to the community manager and Facebook page administrator, Brad, who also takes part in the fans’ conversations, listens to their ideas, and gives recognition to the people who really contribute. He really cares about the fans, and it wouldn’t be crazy to say that he is the best admin we could ever ask for.

Halo fan Andrew Gagnon, AKA Gagnon30, is one of the biggest fans on FB, and he decided to host a game night for all the fans on the page. Many collectors-slash-gamers played for three fun hours, trying to rack up the most points, exploring custom maps, and playing hockey. It became obvious that this should become a regular event, and the members of the page who took part in the game night became the MEGA Brad clan!

MEGA Brad is growing quickly. Members are inviting their friends, more Facebook page visitors are joining. The clan is all about fun, which means that your rank and play history don’t matter! As long as you are polite and respectful to all other members (and collect MEGA Bloks of course), you’re eligible to become a member! And even if you don’t collect the toys, there are exceptions, so don’t worry. For example, you could have a clan member refer you to Gagnon.

You can visit MEGA Bloks–Halo: The Authentic Collector’s Series Facebook page (home to Brad) here, the MEGA Brad Clan’s home on HaloTracker here, and the MEGA Brad Clan Facebook page here.


2 responses to “The MEGA Brad Community

  1. Good write up! All of us at Mega Brad apprciate the press!

    We hope to continue to grow and contribute positively to the community of Halo the game and the Mega Blosk side!

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