Nuremburg Toy Fair: Mega Bloks

Today was the Nuremburg Toy Fair in Germany, where Mega Bloks revealed their new Halo line! Along with the Authentic Collector’s Series, Mega also revealed the Halo Universe diecast series, a smaller scale line made from metal! Here are the pics:

Covenant Brute Chopper

Elite Commando and General

UNSC Rhino Tank

UNSC Sabre

Halo Universe Diecast Line

Halo Universe Diecast Line

Mega Bloks Spartan Test Flight

You may have heard of some Candians launching a Lego figure 80,000 feet into the air with a camera attached. Well the HMB Community’s own Paul Knaack, also known as Collector’s Choice, has decided to conduct some similar experiments with a Mega Bloks Spartan minifigure! He plans to test with things like balloons, kites, and model rockets. Here is the first of his tests, a water rocket: